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What will Happen if You Overslept and Missed Your Flight?

What Happens if I Oversleep and Miss My Flight

Missing a flight can be an unlikely experience, especially when oversleeping. However, this is one of the common reasons for not boarding planes. There can be various consequences of the same. In case a traveler has overslept and missed a flight, knowing the possible measures to take in this situation can help prevent these consequences. An important measure, among all, is to take the assistance of the airline one was flying with. Or, rely on the airport staff for help. Inform the authorities about the issue and know the other measures such as rebooking or rescheduling to continue with the journey.

What Happens if I Oversleep and Miss My Flight?

Travelers may face some consequences when they oversleep and miss flights. In such situations, it is possible that they may be marked as no-show. Further, they could be charged no-show fees.

  • Also, on missing flights, the entire schedule, including the return trip, can be canceled. 
  • There is no assurance that a refund will be provided against the missed trip. 

Should I Inform the Airline if I Overslept and Missed My Flight?

In case of an overslept missed flight, initially, fliers are required to inform the agents of the specific air carrier. By doing so, they may prevent facing some consequences. After informing them as soon as possible, a flier can ask for an alternate option for traveling. Or, he/she can request a refund if possible as well. 

Can You Rebook a Flight Missed Due to Oversleeping?

One can go for rebooking or rescheduling the same flight, in case missed due to oversleeping. It depends on which air carriers passengers have booked tickets with. Also, booking can be made, subject to the new ticket’s availability. 

  • Note that rebooking can result in additional fees. 
  • When a flight is unavailable, flyers can reschedule for the following day. 
  • One can use the official channels of the specific airline to rebook flights. 

How to Rebook/Manage Flights After Oversleeping?

There are 3 ways to rebook tickets after oversleeping and missing flights. These include making bookings via call, at the airport, or online through the specific airline’s website. Usually, it is free to rebook flights through these ways. However, the terms of airlines can vary.

  1. Through the Airline’s Official Website

There are some steps that one must follow in order to rebook a missed flight because of oversleeping via the official website of an airline. 

  • Open the official website of the carrier and choose “My Trips” or “Manage My Booking”. 
  • Enter all the required details to track down the last booking. 
  • Select the booking and choose the new date/time for further proceedings. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and rebook flights by paying some costs. 
  1. Over the Phone 

One can rebook tickets over the phone in case of an overslept missed flight. For the same, the official phone number of the particular airline is required. Over the phone, explain the issue and ask for rebooking. Then provide all the necessary information and choose the intended date, time, location, and other aspects to rebook it.

  1. At the Airport Counter 

For rebooking missed flights at the airport, meet the officials of the particular air operator. Describe oversleeping as the reason for the same and request for rebooking. Give all required details/documents and pay the necessary cost for the same. 

What if I Overslept and Missed My Flight with Delta?

Delta Airlines is aware that sometimes because of oversleeping, fliers may miss their flights. In such circumstances, fliers are required to inform the air carrier about the same as soon as possible. 

  • When travelers have overslept and missed flights with Delta, fines can be imposed.
  • Furthermore, refunds may not be given. 
  • For more information or queries, one can meet the agents or dial 800-221-1212. 

What to do If I Overslept and Missed a Flight with Southwest Airlines? 

When missing Southwest Airlines flights as a result of oversleeping, the initial step is to inform the agents. An agent can inform flyers about further consequences and proceedings after missing flights. Besides, they can help know the available options.

  • Southwest has an unofficial “flat tire” policy when travelers miss their flights. 
  • With this policy, their tickets may be transferred to the next available flight without paying extra. 
  • When booking with Anytime/Business Select fares, the funds can be given as a Transferable Flight Credit. 
  • The refund cannot be granted in the case of Wanna Get Away or Wanna Get Away Plus fares. 
  • Taxes and costs related to the reward travel reservation, any points used, may be forfeited. 


Oversleeping and missing a flight introduces inconvenience for both the air carrier and passengers. Nevertheless, they can anticipate assistance during these times. In such instances, quickly informing the airline and asking for rebooking is preferable. Or, request a refund or compensation as possible.

Frequently Asked Question
What happens if someone oversleeps and misses the flight?

When a flier oversleeps and misses a flight, the booking amount is usually deducted as a cancellation charge.

What should I do if I oversleep and miss the flight?

In such a case, a flyer should contact the airline agents at the airport and get assistance in the form of rebooking.

Can I stay at the airport if I oversleep and miss my flight?

Several hotels or rest areas can be found at the airport to stay after missing a flight.

How to get another flight if I miss one due to oversleeping?

In such cases, a traveler should go to the help desk of the airline at the airport and place a request for rebooking or rescheduling a missed flight.

Can I rebook an international flight if I overslept and missed it?

Usually, a missed international flight may be rebooked, depending on an airline’s policy. However, one should inquire the same from its official.

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