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Which are the Best Airlines to Fly to Japan?

7 Best Airlines to Fly to Japan

When flying to Japan in the East Asia region domestically and internationally, the choice of airlines can differ. There are numerous airlines that provide connectivity to this country. Among these, JAL, ANA, Delta, and others are the top carriers. Knowing the best airlines to fly to Japan can help travelers plan their journeys domestically or from other countries. Depending on the specific route, with these carriers, they can avail of facilities to enhance their journeys. Ranging from different classes to in-flight facilities, flying with the best operators can ensure the most memorable experiences.

7 Best Airlines to Fly to Japan

To visit Japan, one should opt for the most reliable carrier for flying. In relation to the same, there are 7 best airlines that fly to Japan with complete safety, reliability, and comfort assured. Also, these airlines ensure various in-flight and on-ground facilities to meet the needs of fliers during their trips. 

Below-given are 7 airlines that are the best at delivering exceptional flight experiences to/from Japan: 

  1. All Nippon Airways

When traveling to Japan, ANA is one of the preferable carriers. It is the largest operator in this country. It provides the greatest experiences while flying, regardless of the class of travel chosen. Thus, for Business, Economy, Premium Economy, or First Class travelers, positive travel experiences are certain with All Nippon Airways

Additionally, from or to this country in East Asia, regularly, the airline has given nonstop flights. Further, considering the needs of parents with minors, transit flights are available. 

  1. Japan Airlines

For both first-time and frequent fliers, Japan Airlines is among the best airlines to fly to Japan. With its Economy Class Cabin, one can have a pleasurable travel experience to this country. Even fliers with specific or multiple concerns are sure to be impressed by this cabin class. It includes everything from comfortable chairs to satisfactory food. 

Along with this, an in-flight entertainment system is available while traveling to Japan in JAL’s Economy Class, inclusive of music, games, eBooks, and more. 

  1. Delta Air Lines

For US fliers, primarily, Delta is an excellent airline for flying to Japan. Whether a flier is traveling for leisure or business, it ensures a comfortable and relaxing trip to this country. Having a significant presence in the region, it serves 4 locations, including Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka. 

  • For these destinations, both direct and connecting flights are observed. 
  • While flying to these locations, multiple in-flight facilities, such as food, entertainment, and Wi-Fi can be received. 
  1. United Airlines

In the US, United Airlines is among the oldest carriers. It is also one of the best airlines to fly to Japan. From the United States, it is a significant operator that offers numerous nonstop flights to the cities in this country. Some of them are Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya. 

Usually, this airline lands in Japan in the early morning or afternoon, which is convenient for jet lag relief as well as hotel check-in i.e. from 03:00 P.M. onward. 

  1. Singapore Airlines

To explore popular cities in Japan, one can opt for Singapore Airlines. It provides flights to fascinating locations including Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo. From 1st December 2024 onward, it will add the Sapporo, Japan route to its network. For these locations, different airports in Japan are or will be used. 

  • Further, this airline provides nonstop and connecting flights to Japan. 
  • While in the air and at the airport, multiple facilities are provided. 
  • Some of its onboard services include dining and entertainment. 
  • At airports in Japan, self-check-in and lounges can be used with this carrier.
  1. American Airlines

A major carrier in the US, American Airlines, has a wide connectivity to Japan. It flies to many destinations in this country, such as Akita, Aomori, Hanamaki, Tokyo, and more. On these routes, fliers can receive multiple services and flexibility to schedule flights. 

  • In relation to the same, different classes, in-flight comfort, and airport facilities can be availed. 
  • Along with these, a traveler has the flexibility to modify the schedule as per requirements.
  1. Air France 

Founded in 1933, Air France is among the well-liked and greatest options for both leisure and business travelers to fly to Japan. While flying to this country, this air carrier is significant for its dedication to offering a first-rate travel experience, complete with luxurious seating, exquisite cuisine onboard, and on-time assistance from its officials. 

Bringing up the Rear, 

Selecting one of the best airlines to fly to Japan is crucial in order to have an incredible experience throughout. Japan Airlines and ANA are a few of these carriers that offer excellent facilities while traveling to this country. Along with this, safety and reliability are ensured by these airlines. 

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