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When and How to Use Airline Meal Vouchers?

Airline Meal Vouchers

Most of the time, when traveling by plane, unexpected occurrences like flight delays or cancellations can affect the whole journey. To assist passengers during these times, airline meal vouchers are often provided to them. These are coupons that can be used to purchase food and beverages at designated airport restaurants. However, it’s crucial to know how to use these vouchers to ensure one gets the most out of them. By knowing the redemption process and where they can be used, flyers can maximize the utilization of these vouchers, ensuring a hassle-free experience during unexpected airport stays. 

What are Airline Meal Vouchers?

At an airport, an airline meal voucher is a form of compensation offered by an airline to a passenger who has interruptions in his/her travel journey. To help the individual deal with this trouble, the carrier offers food vouchers. 

  • These vouchers for meals are:
    • Typically single-use
    • Delivered electronically via email or mobile apps
    • Inclusive of a QR code
    • Available for redemption until 11:59 P.M. by the date mentioned on the voucher
    • Not available to be exchanged for money/cash

When Does an Airline Provide Meal Vouchers?

Airlines typically provide vouchers for meals when flyers undergo any disruptions at airports before departing. These food coupons are a form of compensation for the inconvenience faced by them. 

Some of the situations wherein one might receive a voucher are:

  • If the flight is delayed by approximately 3-4 hours, a flyer can get this coupon.
  • When a flight is canceled and a passenger is rebooked on a later flight, he/she can get a meal voucher during the layover.

How Does an Airline Provide a Meal Voucher?

An airline can offer meal vouchers in different ways. This is dependent on the airline’s specific policy. Some of the basic points every individual should know about accessing these vouchers are:

  • These vouchers for food are distributed by airline staff at the airport.
  • One may receive a voucher through an email or SMS, based on the registered contact details.
  • The voucher may contain a unique code to present at designated restaurants to redeem food and beverages.
  • The process may vary between different airlines.

When and Where to Use Airline Food Vouchers?

To use a meal voucher, one must be physically present at an airport. If eligible for a meal, then one should look for signs or ask the airport staff about the participating eateries where these coupons can be redeemed. Fliers must be aware of the fact that these vouchers are restricted to designated cafes/restaurants within the airport. 

How to Redeem Airline Meal Vouchers?

A passenger must know how to redeem a meal/food voucher to ensure a hassle-free experience during an unexpected stay at an airport. To use the same, certain steps have to be followed which can vary as per the airline/airport/coupon type.

  • Make sure to be eligible to get and use the voucher.
  • Get the coupon from the airline staff and understand the rules on it.
  • Find restaurants that accept the voucher at the airport.
  • Take the food items from participating/designated restaurants.
  • Show the coupon to the cashier or server to pay.
  • Check track of voucher usage by noting expenses, keeping receipts, and confirming the remaining balance.

Can an Airline’s Meal Voucher be Used for Someone Else?

Whether or not a meal voucher by an airline can be shared depends on its policy. In most cases, transferring it is not allowed. These vouchers are issued as per a verification process. Airline officials verify the same through an ID or boarding pass to make sure that this card is used by the intended recipient. 

However, in some cases, airlines may allow the sharing of vouchers. Flyers need to consult the airline officials to confirm the same.

Additional Considerations for Meal Vouchers by Airlines

In general, airline meal vouchers are life saviors. But travelers must be aware of some terms and conditions before dealing with the redemption of these cards. Also, they should be aware of the possible limitations associated with this procedure.

  • These meal coupons are not accepted for purchasing food on flights.
  • One must be aware of the leftover amount when using the coupon at more than one place.
  • The meal voucher will not be accepted for a value more than the amount issued.
  • After reaching the specified date, the remaining voucher funds will become zero.
  • These cards have no cash value.

Are Meal Vouchers Available with Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines meal vouchers are prepaid cards offered to passengers. These cards are associated with several conditions. In accordance with these, they can be utilized amidst delays, cancellations, or other disruptions.

  • These coupons are usually given as compensation for flights delayed by 3 hours or more. 
  • They can be used before departure at the airport and sometimes, at other locations.
  • These coupons are worth $12.
  • The vouchers for food are only valid for 1 day after they are issued.

Does Jetblue Offer Meal/Food Vouchers? 

JetBlue offers vouchers for meals for its passengers. But the carrier has its own policy for the same. Some of the rules in relation to this policy are:

  • The food coupons are served by the airline for flights delayed for 3 hours or more.
  • These vouchers are usually around $12, including fees and taxes.
  • They can be used at participating airport eateries.
  • Even if these vouchers are not available, the airline provides reimbursements.
  • However, within 10 days, the airline demands detailed receipt with claims for reimbursements.

Does United Airlines Provide Meal Vouchers?

In accordance with United Airlines Customer Commitment, flyers who face flight delays or cancellations exceeding 3 hours are eligible for food coupons.

  • These food coupons are typically digital or printed vouchers.
  • Such cards have values equivalent to the reasonable prices of meals with designated airport vendors.
  • If an eligible flyer doesn’t receive the coupon, then he/she can inquire with United’s agent.

To conclude

Flight disruptions can happen at any time to anyone. Most airlines offer airline meal vouchers. They have to locate designated restaurants and redeem them before they expire. Though these coupons can’t account for the entirely affected experiences, they can help minimize the loss to some extent.

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