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What Happens If an Airport Loses Your Luggage During Domestic/International Travel? 

What Happens If an Airport Loses Your Luggage

It isn’t uncommon if an airport loses your luggage during international or domestic travel. Though the situation is rare, checked bags can be misplaced during travel. Usually, this luggage arrives quickly and intact at the destination. But owing to some scenarios, the authorities may provide it after delays or misplace it completely. For the same, travelers can file claims to the Lost and Found department at the airport. It allows them to make reports offline or fill out a form (Passenger Irregularity Report) online. After reporting the same, the authorities of the specific airfield will track misplaced bags. In case not found, then according to DOT regulations, a traveler is reimbursed for the loss.

What Happens if the Airport Loses Your Luggage After Boarding?

When the airport loses your luggage after you board a flight, you may not receive it at the destination after deplaning. Under such circumstances, the destination airfield’s Lost and Found department can be approached. It is responsible for tracking down the missing checked bags. Till then, stay in continual communication with the authorities while essential procedures are carried out. 

What if You Lose Your Luggage at an Airport?

In case fliers lose their luggage at an airport, they should contact the authorities. For the same, they are required to submit a Passenger Irregularity Report (PIR) at a specific counter. In this form, it is important to provide a thorough description of the baggage, one’s local address, and contact details. 

  • Based on these specifics, the Lost and Found department tracks bags. 
  • When a flier loses bags, tracking technologies are available to find it out. 
  • In case they are not located within a few days, fill out the PIR form again. 
  • Throughout this procedure, fliers should stay in touch with the officials. 
  • Besides, they can ask for compensation or a refund. 
  • Or, they can request for expenses made till the luggage is located.
  • For these unforeseen costs, submit all the receipts.

What Happens if the Connecting Airport Loses My Luggage?

It is uncommon for a connecting airport to lose your luggage. However, should there be a rare circumstance like this one, they should register claims as soon as possible. For this, a traveler can go to the Lost and Found department of the specific airfield. 

  • Usually, airports offering transit flights have specific policies for lost bags. 
  • Also, certain airfields have apps that facilitate baggage tracking. 

What if the Airport Loses Your Luggage During International Travel?

During international travel, if an airport loses your luggage, the Montreal Convention (MC) treaty is applicable. This treaty, for the carriage of baggage, is inclusive of 1288 Special Drawing Rights. Once approved by this body, travelers can receive compensation as set by it. One can receive up to USD 1700 for lost/delayed/damaged bags.

The Warsaw Convention treaty may be applicable in a few instances when traveling to/from the United States. Primarily, this can be observed in the case of international carriage of baggage.

Do Airports Reimburse for Lost Luggage?

Compensation is provided if the airport loses your bag, provided that it is responsible for the same. This is determined as per terms of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), The airfield reimburses the amount subject to the maximum liability limits specified under this law. 

Note: Airports have different policies for reimbursing the cost of lost luggage. 

How Much Does an Airport Pay for Lost Luggage?

When the airport loses your luggage, flyers can be compensated according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The reimbursement amount can be different for both domestic and international flyers. To know the exact amount, it is crucial to get in touch with the authorities.

For Luggage Misplaced during International Travel 

As covered under the Montreal Convention treaty, the maximum liability for baggage is around $1700 per international traveler. Generally, though, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reviews and adjusts this reimbursement every 5 years. 

Baggage Lost during Domestic Travel

When a passenger’s luggage has been lost due to an airport’s fault, he/she can receive a maximum liability amount of USD 3800, as decided under the DOT regulation. Airports are permitted by this regulation to limit their liability for lost baggage during domestic travel. Although it is not necessary, they are free to pay more than the maximum.   

In Sum, 

It is rare for an airport to lose luggage during domestic/International travel. Fliers must, however, take precautions to ensure that they do not misplace their bags, especially carry-ons. When misplaced, it is crucial to report it to the Lost and Found department online/offline to reunite with it sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions
What to do if the airport loses your luggage?

The initial step when the airport loses passengers’ luggage is to inform the authorities. 

Where to report when the airport loses luggage?

At the specific airport’s Lost and Found Department, fliers can report their misplaced luggage.

Which form is to be filled out if the airport loses your luggage?

The Passenger Irregularity Report (PIR) form is to be filled out when an airport loses a flyer’s luggage during travel.

Do airports provide reimbursement for lost luggage?

Yes, airports give reimbursements for lost baggage as per the maximum liability limits decided by the DOT.

What is the compensation for baggage lost at an airport?

In case eligible, around $1700 is the compensation provided to travelers when airports lose their bags during travel.

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