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What Happens to Checked Luggage If I Miss My Connecting or Other Flight?

what happens to my luggage if i miss my flight

Sometimes, due to the initial flight delay or other reasons, fliers miss their transit flights. In such instances, checked luggage is already deposited with a particular airline. To know the situation of checked luggage if you miss a connecting flight, it is crucial to get in touch with the specific airline at the airport. The carrier will track the luggage whether it is on board or returned to the baggage claim area. Further, the airline authorities will assist with the procedure of retrieving bags while connecting or other flights are missed. The authorities will inform whether one has the option to rebook the flight to pick up luggage. Or else, one can request the airline’s agents to ship the same at the intended location. 

What Happens to My Luggage After I Miss Connecting Flights?

Certain airlines have protocols in place to handle fliers’ checked baggage in the event that they miss their transit flights. In relation to the same, these airlines use bag tags with flight connection information for the final destination. 

  • Note that when a connecting flight is missed due to an airline’s fault,  it stores the bags safely. 
  • Bags are kept safe until fliers rebook flights. They will be loaded onto the next trip. 

What Happens to My Luggage If I Miss My Flight After Checking in? 

When a traveler misses a flight after checking in, his/her checked baggage will be shipped to the intended location. The airline will ensure assistance in retrieving the luggage, irrespective of the circumstances.

In these situations, to retrieve checked baggage, however, speak with the agents at the airport to let them know about missing planes after check-in. Create a baggage claim ticket for the missed trip in order to track the bag. Otherwise, arrange a new flight and pick up bags at the intended location. 

As the final option, ask agents to send the luggage to the desired destination via shipping.

What Happens if Your Luggage Goes Missing on Connecting Flights?

After missing a connecting flight, it may happen that the checked luggage goes missing. In such circumstances, passengers are required to file a claim by getting in touch with the particular airline’s officials as quickly as possible. 

  • The airline’s Lost and Found department is responsible when checked luggage is missed on connecting flights.
  • Some airlines offer apps that make it simple to track bags. 

What Compensation is Provided When an Airline Delays My Luggage? 

When a flier misses a connecting or other flight and re-book it, it is possible that the checked luggage may arrive later than the expected time. In this instance, one is entitled to some reimbursements. The compensation for the delayed luggage can be around 1385 euros per flier. 

  • For the same, one has to report the cost in writing to the specific air carrier for a refund. 
  • Along with this, evidence of purchase will be required. 
  • It should be reported/submitted no later than 21 days after the luggage is delivered. 
  • Reimbursements, however, are provided when the location is not where a flier stays. 

On a Final Note, 

There are times when passengers miss planes, whether flying directly or through transit flights. This results in checked luggage being with airlines onboard. In such circumstances, the airlines store the luggage safely and keep it in the baggage claim areas. Later, fliers can retrieve bags from the intended location/via shipping.  

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