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What is the Meaning of TSA PreCheck Eligibility Determined?

What is the Meaning of TSA PreCheck Eligibility Determined

An expedited screening program, TSA PreCheck, evaluates the risks associated with passengers departing via US airports. Travel is more peaceful as security is improved/ensured with this program. To make use of such a program, it is important to be eligible. Knowing the TSA PreCheck eligibility determined meaning is important to fully understand whether or not a traveler is qualified for enrollment. This can be confirmed within a few days, depending on one’s application. To check the same, one can visit the official website of the TSA or Transportation Security Administration. Or, connect with the agents at the specific airport. 

What Does Eligibility Determined Mean for TSA PreCheck?

Eligibility determined for TSA precheck means a process that informs fliers whether or not they are qualified for this program. The notification regarding the same is sent to most applicants within 3 to 5 days. However, certain applications may take up to 2 months or 60 days as well. 

  • In this regard, candidates are urged to renew their applications at least 60 days before the expiration date. 
  • Following the outcomes of eligibility, TSA will contact potential members. 
  • The eligibility determination is sent via email, text message, or phone. 
  • Or else, one can check the status online on the website of TSA PreCheck.

Who can Qualify for TSA PreCheck?

To qualify for the TSA PreCheck program, a person should be a US citizen, lawful permanent resident, and US national. From the authorities, such a person will receive a notification for TSA PreCheck eligibility determined, meaning that he/she qualifies.

Below are the terms explained to qualify for this airport security program:

  1. US Citizens 

Fliers should be citizens of the US to qualify for the TSA PreCheck program. Depending on the circumstances, there can be several paths to obtaining US citizenship. Having parents who are citizens of this country is one of the methods, which essentially implies obtaining citizenship at birth or later. 

An additional way is through the process of naturalization, which, upon fulfillment of specific conditions, can confer US citizenship. 

  1. US Nationals 

Travelers who are US nationals can be qualified for TSA PreCheck. Although not all Americans are citizens, all US citizens are regarded as nationals. People who were born in American Samoa, the US Minor Outlying Islands, or Swains are considered US Nationals. 

  1. Legal Permanent Residents

A person who is a lawful permanent resident is qualified for the security program by the TSA. The standard term for the paperwork that is needed is a green card. Those who are neither citizens nor nationals of the United States can receive the TSA PreCheck eligibility determined notice which means that they are eligible for this program. 

  1. Children

Kids may be able to accompany someone in the TSA PreCheck designated security lanes, depending on their age. Children around 12 years of age and traveling with parents/guardians are eligible for the program. 

Who is Not Eligible for TSA PreCheck?

A candidate may be declared ineligible for the airport security program by the Transportation Security Administration for a number of reasons. One such reason is the inability to provide accurate or complete information on the application. This can result in the eligibility determination status being denied. 

In addition to this, other reasons can account for ineligibility under the TSA PreCheck program: 

  • When a flier breaks certain federal laws, he/she is disqualified. 
  • Crimes including robbery, espionage, treason, etc., can lead to similar results.


TSA PreCheck eligibility determined means a procedure of providing notification regarding the status of approval for this program.  This notice can be provided by the top authorities via different modes, including email or post. Or, one can visit the TSA’s official website to know this status or more about the criterion.

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