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Does Travel Insurance Cover Missed Flights and How? 

Does Travel Insurance Cover Missed Flights

Missing a flight is a usual occurrence for a few passengers. Even the best plans are often not enough to prevent flights from being missed. However, knowing everything that can be done in such a critical situation is suggested. In order to minimize the loss, travelers may insure their flights. Travel insurance can cover missed flights, subject to different terms. Also, to get benefits from travel insurance, one should know a few important aspects before claiming the same. These aspects include the availability of refunds, types of missed flights covered, etc.

What is Considered a Missed Flight?

As per the jargon of travel insurance, when a passenger misses a flight because of an unexpected event – it is considered a missed trip or departure. Several reasons can be there that can help them get compensation for the issue. They should note that only a few international travel insurance plans cover missed flights.

For instance, if a flyer misses his flight due to an accident, automobile-related failure, strike, disruptions of public transport, death of a family member, and so on, these will be considered legitimate reasons. Hence, compensation can be requested or claimed for such flights. 

Are Refunds Provided by Travel Insurance Companies for Missed Flights?

Since some travel insurance will cover missed flights, no refund is provided if it is not the fault of the airline. For instance, when a traveler is not willing to fly after a confirmed ticket, then he/she will not get any refund for it. 

In case a flight is delayed or canceled due to any mechanical or other reasons from an airline’s end, one can be reimbursed for it. Please note that the procedures and prerequisites for refunds and reimbursements may vary from one airline to another.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Missed Connecting Flights?

Connecting flights may need more time than usual. When on the fixed departure schedule, the whole plan will get affected and increase the overall expenses when it is missed. Transit flight delays or cancellations are inescapable and one can claim compensation through travel insurance. 

What are the Terms to Claim Insurance for Missed Connecting Flights?

Before a passenger claims insurance for a missed connecting flight, he or she should know certain terms and conditions. These are dependent on the duration of a trip and the reason for not boarding it.

  • The first flight should be delayed by 3 or more hours and validated as a ‘common carrier delay’.
  • Passengers will get compensation when the connecting flights are missed due to extreme weather or a natural calamity.
  • When one misses a transit flight due to a sudden death or serious illness of a close family member, compensation is provided.
  • One may not make a claim when reaching an airport after the scheduled departure due to the traffic caused by an accident.
  • Compensation will be offered for the missed connecting flights in case the event happens due to a hijacking or a terrorist attack.
  • Given that the flight is missed because the flier was quarantined due to nation-specific travel rules, the terms may vary.

How to Claim for Missed Flights?

Assuming that travel insurance covers a missed flight, one will need to abide by the associated rules to make a claim. For example, the plane may be missed because boarding was delayed 3 or more hours. In this case, one can contact the carrier directly and share concerns/requests.

Once the request is submitted, the following will be required to file a claim for the missed plane: 

  • Submit original travel documents like the visa, passport, confirmed ticket, etc.
  • Justification and a valid reason for the delay is required.
  • Medical evidence to showcase the illness or death certificate can be asked for.
  • Confirm that cancellations or delays were solely at the end of the airline.  

One will need to present the ‘Insurance Certificate’ to successfully get compensation for the missed flight. However, this will be done as per the limits and rules mentioned in the policy of the company.

To Summarize the Above

Missing direct/connecting flights is not unusual. However, considering any possibility of not boarding the plane, one should get the flight insured. Having travel insurance that covers missed flights will ease the process of making claims. But note that insurance terms can vary, depending on the company.

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