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Can Airport Lounge be Used on Arrival? Applicable Terms & Eligibility

Can Airport Lounge be Used on Arrival

Generally, at every airport, different lounges are featured. Most lounges are located in the departure area. After arrival at the airport though, fliers may need the facilities available at lounges. However, not every airport may have a lounge on arrival. In relation to this, it is crucial to know beforehand whether or not an airport lounge can be used on arrival. Some airports may provide access to specific lounges, designed to provide a place of relaxation once a flight lands at the destination. Also, these are smaller than the departure lounges and have more stringent access policies. However, certain lounges may be commonly accessible to arriving/departing travelers, depending on some terms/eligibility.

Can You Go to an Airport Lounge after Arrival? 

Some flyers are permitted to go to airport lounges after arrival. This is because, generally, such facilities are located within the departure or security areas. However, certain airports have lounges connected to both departure and arrival areas, accessible to eligible flyers. 

Can an Airport Lounge be Used on Arrival for Free?

Usually, travelers can enter an airport lounge on arrival for free when they have Premium Class tickets, access-granting credit cards, or membership. In addition, First Class or International Business travelers can use these facilities after they arrive. 

  • Some airport arrival lounges also give uniformed military personnel free admission to the lounge. 
  • Individuals with a current lounge membership can invite up to 2 visitors for free. 
  • Other fliers must purchase a day pass to enter airport lounges. 
  • Certain lounges are so exclusive that entry requires a specific membership card/credit to use the same for free. 
  • American Express Centurion Lounge is exclusive to Platinum and Centurion cardholders. 

Who can Access the Airport Lounge on Arrival?

Business and First-Class passengers of affiliated airlines are granted airport lounge access after arrival. Along with these, those who are linked to elite status are eligible for such a facility. 

  • Certain lounges are accessible to those who have subscriptions, such as:
    • Priority Pass
    • DragonPass
  • Subscription passes are accepted when a traveler has an Economy ticket without elite status. 
  • Others offer day passes that can be reserved in advance/at the gate to access the arrival lounge.  

Which Airports have Arrival Lounges? 

Airports in varying nations have arrival lounges. Frankfurt Airport/FRA in Germany has airport lounges after arrival. At this airport, 2 such facilities are available, named the Luxx Lounge and Lufthansa Welcome Lounge. They are housed at Terminal 1, FRA Airport. 

Additionally, airports in Switzerland, India, Japan, etc., have similar facilities for the passengers who land. 

  1. Zurich International Airport or ZRH

There is only one arrival lounge available at Switzerland’s ZRH or Zurich International Airport Terminal 2. It is known as the Swiss Arrivals Lounge. 

  • This facility is located after customs, close to Arrival 2.
  • The business hours of the ZRH Airport lounge for arrivals are from 06:00 A.M. to 01:00 P.M. 
  • First and Business Class travelers on Swiss Air and Lufthansa Airlines can use this lounge. 
  • In addition, Senator, Frequent Travelers, Miles & More HON Circle holders can make use of this facility. 
  • One can purchase access to it at 69 Swiss Francs/$110 CAD/$80 CAD. 
  1. Indira Gandhi International Airport or DEL

At Indira Gandhi International Airport/DEL Terminal 3, there is a single arrival lounge available. Travelers in India with valid credit cards and lounge memberships can enter the Encalm Lounge at any time of the day once they arrive. 

  1. Tokyo Haneda International Airport/HND

Presently, HND/Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan, features one lounge at Terminal 1. Here, the Power Lounge Central can be used upon landing. This airport lounge can be used on arrival from 06:00 A.M. to 08:00 P.M. 

  • In this lounge, there are about 40 seats available for fliers. 
  • To contact it after landing at the airport, one can call 03-5757-8289. 
  • Here on arrival, showers are available for a fee. 
  • Further, for adult entry to this arrival lounge, the fee is around 1100 yen. 
  • By paying 550 yen, 4 to 12-year-old children can receive access. 
  • 0 to 3 years old are eligible to use this facility at no cost. 
  1. Hamad International Airport or DOH

For travelers, DOH or Hamad International Airport in Qatar has First and Business Class Arrival Lounges. It can be used by only First and Business class fliers of Qatar Airways. It is located prior to and after the immigration area. 

  1. NRT or Tokyo-Narita International Airport 

Generally, there are 2 lounges featured at Tokyo-Narita International Airport or NRT for arriving flyers in Japan. Here, the operating hours, eligibility, location, and services differ.

Below is an overview of the NRT Airport lounge available after arrival: 

LoungeLocation TimingServices Eligibility 
ANA Arrivals Lounge Terminal 102:00 P.M. to 05:30 P.M.Shower suites, ample seating, free Wi-Fi, and foodBusiness, First Class, and Elite members with SuperFlyers, Platinum, and Gold status
IASS Executive Lounge Terminal 207:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M. Wi-Fi, free drinks, relaxing seat Those who qualifying credit cards or are enrolled in the lounge pass program 

In Summation, 

After long flights, travelers may need to rest, for which lounges are the most suitable. For the same, certain airports like ZRH, FRA, and DOH have arrival lounges. They have varying criteria for accessing these facilities. Once access is granted, multiple amenities can be availed, such as Wi-Fi and food.

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