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What Happens if I Miss My Connecting Flight Due to Delay & Can I Get a Refund?

What Happens if I Miss My Connecting Flight Due to Delay & Can I Get a Refund?

It is not uncommon for a traveler to miss a transit flight. Sometimes, due to the fault of an airline, a delay can occur. As a result of this, one may end up missing a trip. Missing connecting flights due to delays is also possible when fliers do not timely conduct the check-in or baggage deposit procedures. Regardless of the fault and reason, airlines have missed connecting flight policies. These are specifically made for travelers who wish to reschedule flights or get refunds for missed ones. Further, whether compensation is provided or not can be cleared via such a policy. 

What Happens If You Miss a Connecting Flight Due to a Delay? 

When a flier misses flight connections due to delays, the airline involved will try to find a seat on an alternative aircraft. Apart from this, it can provide other options to minimize or compensate for the inconvenience when the delay has been caused by the carrier.

  • The airline can offer a ticket to the closest layover to the location when it can’t locate a standby aircraft. 
  • Usually, there are no rebooking fees under these conditions. 
  • In the event that flights are not available, overnight hotel stays can be offered. 
  • Additionally, drinks and meals are ensured.
  • Sometimes, transportation facilities can be given from the airport to the hotel. 
  • Though limited, free use of communication services is permitted. 
  • Besides these options, one can request a refund. 

Do Airlines have a Missed Connecting Flight Policy? 

Generally, an airline has a missed connecting flight policy. It is crucial to follow the guidelines of this policy to get maximum help and avoid any repercussions after missing planes due to delays. 

Under the delayed missed connection flight policy, some general terms are: 

  • A traveler can promptly reschedule a trip in accordance with this policy, subject to availability. 
  • When no flights are available for that day, the first ticket can be purchased the next day. 
  • Should one fail to notify the air carrier, then he/she will be liable for the ticket’s entire cost. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Missed Connecting Flights?

An airline is in charge of seeing that a flier’s journey is completed when she/he misses a connecting flight due to a delay. This is particularly applicable when the airline is at fault. In these circumstances, certain compensation is provided to fliers. 

To receive this compensation, the general eligibility criterion is as follows: 

  • The original trip and transit flight should have the same PNR number. 
  • When the airline for a connecting flight is not run by the EU, travelers aren’t eligible for reimbursements. 
  • The airline cannot reimburse for the delays brought on by uncontrollable circumstances like:
    • Rains and storms
    • Strikes
    • Unfavorable weather conditions
    • Air traffic 

What to do If You Miss a Connecting Flight Due to Delay? 

Sometimes, while completing the transit flight procedures after the first stop at the airport, delays can occur. As a result, travelers may miss their next flight. In such instances, it is vital to inform the airline’s agents as soon as possible. Provide the ticket information to its agents at the airport to identify the booking. When a ticket is refundable, a flier can request a refund. 

Do You Get Refunds for Missed Flight Connections due to Flight Delay? 

When a flyer misses a connecting flight due to the airline’s delay, a refund can be received. The delay can occur as a result of mechanical or technical problems with the aircraft, pilot shortage, or other factors. Usually, in such scenarios, the flyer qualifies for money-back.

However, a refund is not always assured to travelers. When airlines delay flights due to inclement weather or air traffic issues, this benefit is restricted. 

Can I Rebook a Missed Connecting Flight?

After missing connecting/transit flights, travelers can reschedule the same. This is subject to the carriers involved in a booking. Otherwise, based on the availability of the specific airline’s ticket, reservations can be made. 

  • Note that rebooking a flight can incur an additional charge. 
  • When the airline is at fault for missed transit flights, these fees are not applicable. 
  • It is possible to reschedule a flight for the following day, subject to availability. 
  • Rebooking can be done through the particular airline’s official modes. 

Sometimes, connecting flights are missed due to delays. Both the airline and flier can find these to be disappointing. Nevertheless, a missed connection flight policy is offered by airlines to help them lessen the inconveniences. Getting help is easier when one adheres to this policy before taking any step further. 

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