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Can You Change Your Passport Number After Booking a Flight?

Can You Change Your Passport Number After Booking a Flight

A passport is the most crucial travel document for booking tickets for international trips. It holds a specific number that verifies the identity of an individual. However, there can be a major problem when the information on the passport does not match the flight booking details. As a result, airlines may refuse to give a boarding pass for the reserved flight. Therefore, to avoid such troubles, one can change the passport number after booking a flight. It can be done online by browsing the particular airline’s website or by contacting it via a hotline number. Or, visit the airport for in-person guidance. The time and fees charged for this service can vary depending on the procedures of the airlines using which the flight was booked.

Can You Change the Passport Number After a Flight is Booked?

Generally, it is not possible to change the passport number once a flight has been booked with an airline. But there are exceptions to this rule. In certain situations, some airlines offer a process to change the passport number in the booking. Such changes are subject to the airline’s policies. Also, certain fees are applicable.

Why do You Need to Change Your Passport Number?

There are several reasons for changing passport numbers after booking flights. Some of the primary reasons are:

  • Passports have expiry dates and renewal often takes more time than expected.
  • Immediate number replacement is needed when a flier loses his/her passport. 
  • In case one’s identity/name changes due to marriage, the passport needs to be updated.
  • A damaged passport is not valid for travel and can cause delays. This requires a new passport.

How to Change a Passport Number After Booking a Flight?

A flier has to undergo a legal procedure to change the passport number after booking a flight. This process can vary depending on the airline one has booked with. 

Here are some of the procedures one can go with to change the passport number:

  1. Via an Airline’s Website: 

One of the easiest ways to change passport numbers is to navigate an airline’s website with which the flight is reserved. Usually, in the “Manage My Booking” section of the specific airline’s website, one can locate the “Edit Passenger Details” option. By filling in the accurate details in the given spaces, one can easily make changes.

  1. Contact the Airline: 

A traveler can directly call a particular airline to modify the passport number after booking a flight. A customer assistance team will assist the individual in updating the same. Additionally, one can clear related queries and initiate the same procedure on behalf of a flier.

  1. Travel Agents: 

When flight bookings are done through travel agents, they can assist fliers with passport number-changing procedures. They are familiar with airlines’ policies and procedures. Hence, they can be a valuable asset during this process.

How Do You Change Passport Numbers with Different Airlines?

Travelers can change their passport numbers conveniently with different airlines by following their specific procedures. For some significant airlines, the highlights of this procedure are given below:

  1. JetBlue: 

The American carrier, JetBlue offers both online and offline modes for changing passport numbers after booking flights. One can modify the details either by calling its customer assistance hotline. Keep the new passport information handy once the call is connected. Otherwise, use the website of the carrier to initiate the modifications.

  1. Emirates: 

Via its website, Emirates manages the updation of passports. Here, through the “Manage My Booking” section available on its homepage, the process can be initiated. Fliers can make changes to their passport numbers by following the on-screen instructions.

  1. Singapore Airlines: 

Mainly, 2 methods are provided by Singapore Airlines to modify the number on a passport. A traveler can rely on its official website for the same. Or else, it is advised to phone the airline for this purpose.

  1. Qatar Airways: 

To change passport numbers after booking tickets with Qatar Airways, one has to contact its customer assistance team at the airport.

Essential Considerations Before Changing the Passport Number

Before changing the passport number, it is crucial to consider some requirements to ensure a smooth transition. Some of the essential considerations include:

  1. Knowing the Fees: 

A few airlines charge a fee to change information about/on a passenger’s passport after reservation. Check their websites or dial their helpline numbers to inquire about the same.

  1. Time Factor: 

Most airlines have set a certain time frame to change fliers’ details such as the passport number after booking. This is because plenty of time is needed for processing the same procedure. Hence, make the changes as per the specific airline’s said time frames.

  1. Visa Requirements: 

For destinations needing a visa, make sure that the information on your old passport matches exactly with the new one. When there is a difference, one will have to apply for a new visa as well, resulting in a delay to the trip.

How to travel with a New Passport?

How to travel with a New Passport

While traveling with a new passport, one should be very careful and attentive to every detail. Further, to ensure seamless travel after the transition of the old passport number, it is essential to follow these steps:

  • Reach the airport early. Proceed to the check-in counter of the customer assistance team.
  • Bring both new and old passports to the specific airline’s team.
  • One should carry the visa alongside to avoid any complications in the immigration procedure.
  • Bring additional ID proofs such as a driver’s license/a national ID to avoid any complications.

To Conclude

Passport number changes after booking flights may sometimes be complex. However, it can be managed with ease, knowing certain guidelines and reliable procedures for modifications. Via the specific airline’s website or contact number, one can directly avail of assistance in these situations.

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