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Can You Book an International/Domestic Flight without a Passport?

can you book a flight without a passport

While booking flights with airlines, certain documents are necessary to provide. It includes identity proof like a passport. However, sometimes, such a document is unavailable or under process. In such circumstances, a flier should be aware of whether he/she can book an international/domestic flight without a passport. Even though this specific document is not needed or compulsory for booking all flights, it is required while departing or arriving from international locations at the airport. Also, with most air carriers, it is possible to reserve flight tickets without this document, especially for domestic trips. Instead of this, other documents can be used but should be accurate, followed by ensuring additional terms. 

Can I Book a Domestic Flight without a Passport?

For booking domestic air travel, one is not required to have a passport as proof. But airlines require a form of identity recognized by the government. Also, the name on the ticket and the provided government-issued card should be the same. Further, some airlines insist that fliers present picture IDs with their names as well as proof as alternatives to passports. 

Can You Book an International Flight without a Passport? 

When making a booking for an international flight, especially for the short haul, many carriers do not demand passports or their details, such as passport numbers, country-related information, etc. However, based on the airline and the country one is traveling with, the regulations can change regarding booking international flights without passports.

  • While some airlines do not require a passport at the time of booking, others do. 
  • In such instances, valid passport details are needed along with necessary documentation. 
  • Some of these passport details include:
    • Passport number
    • Expiration date
    • Full name of the passenger
    • Date of birth
  • Apart from passport details, one can use these documents depending on the airline’s requirements:
    • Photo ID with the date of birth and name
    • PAN card
    • Election voter photo card
    • Driving licence 
    • Any other government-issued identification

How can You Book a Flight without a Passport?

A flier can opt for online/offline ways to book a flight without a passport, based on convenience. Through offline ways, on-call and in-person guidance at the airport can be received by an airline’s agents for a booking flight with no passport. With the online approach, one has to book a flight independently via the particular airline’s website. 

Below are certain steps to be followed while booking a ticket online without a passport: 

  • Open the specific airline’s official website. 
  • Enter certain necessary details/information including:
    • Departure location 
    • Arrival destination
    • Trip date 
    • Travel time
    • Number of passengers
  • After entering all the details required, select a flight.
  • Provide the passenger’s information as per the identification proof. 
  • Tailor the journey by choosing any travel accessories, insurance, etc. 
  • Choose the preferred payment option. 
  • An email confirming the reservation will be sent as soon as the payment is received. 

Can You Book a Flight with an Expired Passport?

Fliers can make flight bookings by using their previous passport numbers till the update of the new one. Based on the particular airline, they can proceed with the passport updation procedure via the “Manage My Booking” option on its official website. 

Can I Book and Check-in without a Passport?

A flier can book a domestic and international flight without a passport. However, he or she cannot check in without a valid passport, especially for an international trip. Passport is usually needed by international airlines when checking fliers online or at the airport. Hence, it is suggested to carry this document to avoid any inconveniences while traveling from one country to another. 

Can I Book a Flight without a Passport to the USA?

Depending on whether a flyer is booking a domestic or international flight to the USA, a passport is required. Also, every airline has different rules related to the documents needed. 

  • Domestic Flight Bookings: 

Travelers having a state ID or enrolled in CLEAR do not need a passport for booking domestic travel within the United States. Besides these, one can connect with the particular airline to know its current terms related to the same. 

  • International Flight Reservations: 

Usually, travelers can book international flights without passports when flying to the USA. To check in and board the aircraft, however, they need a valid passport. Even though it is not required for the booking procedure, it is important to check the website of the U.S. Department of State for the criteria specific to travel to/from the country 

Can You Book an International Flight without a Passport to/from Australia?

Currently, there is no need for a passport when booking an international flight to or from Australia. Additionally, a visa is not required for reserving a flight ticket to/from this country. Instead, there are a few things that fliers need to provide, including their birthdate, contact information, gender, and other such information.

With Which Airlines can You Book Flights without Passports? 

Presently, with a few airlines, passengers can book domestic/international flights without passports. Some of these carriers are Japan Airlines (JAL) and Finnair. While booking a flight with these, kindly leave the passport number field empty and continue further. 

On the other hand, with Malaysia Airlines, one can book a flight without a passport, except for certain destinations, such as the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. These locations require a mandatory passport and information while reserving a plane ticket. 

Closing Remarks,

Generally, a passport is not required for booking international/domestic flights with most airlines. However, instead of this document, others are necessary, such as ID proofs. For children as well, school/college IDs are required. Nevertheless, for the current/recent information on passport requirements, connect with the specific airline.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any risk involved in booking a flight without a passport?

No, there is no risk in booking a flight without a passport, as long as a valid document is used.

What documents can I use instead of a passport to book a flight?

To book a flight without a passport, a flier will need identification proof such as a driver’s license.

Can I use a digital copy of my passport to book a flight?

It may not be possible to book a flight using a digital copy of a passport.

Can I book a flight to visa-required countries without a passport?

Usually, flights can be booked without a passport to visa-required countries.

Is it possible to book a flight with an expired passport?

One may book flights with an old passport but he/she has to update the details later on.

Can I book a local flight without a passport?

Yes, a flier can book a local flight without using a passport.

Can I fly internationally if I don’t have a passport?

A passport is not mandatory to fly to some countries. However, travelers should confirm the beforehand prior by connecting with an airline.

Can I book a flight without the passport number in the USA?

Some airlines in the USA allow flight bookings without a passport number.

Is a passport compulsory for booking domestic flights?

No, for booking domestic flights, a passport is not necessary. But identity proof will be needed.

Can I book a flight for someone else without the passport information?

Yes, tickets can be booked for someone else without a passport. However, the first and last names should match the details on the ID proof for check-in.

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